Sunday, 28 October 2012

Maison Martin Margiela's H&M Collection

 Candy Wrapper Clutch - £34.99 Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

The trend for collaborations has never been so popular these days with collections from JW Anderson in Topshop, and Anna Della Russo for H&M, just to name a few. 
I personally love checking out all these collections as they are both limited and extra special (especially when they are a discounted price from the designers originals!)
The avant-guarde fashion house's signature style is represented amazingly in the pieces, with womenswear looks being generally oversized, loose-fitting and beautifully draped. An oriental and origami theme can also be seen from the Belgian fashion house throughout. All the pieces I feel can slot into any womans wardrobe and instantly make it more chic and classic looking (thats what Im hoping for my wardrobe anyways!!!)
Heres a few of the looks Im lusting over...

Black Double Breasted Blazer - £59.99

Oversized Turtle Neck Jumper - £79.99
 Black Peacoat - £179.99

Brown Tote with Folded Base - £99.99

The collection arrives with us on November 15th, get ready!

Friday, 8 June 2012

do i???

(My hair last summer...)

Do I bring back the pink?!

The Artist - Mark Bridges this is not a usual blogging subject but I feel that it needs to be addressed!
I recently saw 'The Artist' which if those of you who have been living on a different planet, is the first silent film to have done so well since Schindlers List, having won five Academy Awards, seven BAFTAS, three Golden Globes, i could go on!!!

The film is based around Hollywood in the 1920s and 30s and follows a silent movie actor who struggles to cope with the rise of  'talkies', movies with speech.
Honestly, I was abit weary at first thinking that I would get restless and the film would get slightly monotone but I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. The story is so heart warming and one of the things that really caught my eye was the way the actors were styled (being a fashion student!).
I researched it and the costume designer was Mark Bridges who is also known for working on films such as Blow and The Fighter.

With film being black and white, it looks as if Mark Bridges really tried to focus on texture to make the clothes look glamorous and interesting.
 My favorite look would be with the hats!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Recent Purchases!

I picked up a few items the other day whilst looking out for an interview outfit and cannot wait to show you all!:) I was really surprised to see another round of sale items coming through River Island this week and curiously had a whip round the shop and purchased these:

River Island: SALE £30 (down from £75)
(sorry for the poor quality photo, these arent available online)

I dont think you can quite tell on the picture but these are a red wine colour! I remember 'eye'ing these up at christmas and got really put off by the price! Maybe if they are £60 I would of paid it, but i thought £75 was slightly steep! I was worried I would mis the opportunity to wear them with the crazy heat wave we had but luckily (?) its got colder! They look amazing with my new dress though...paired with a leather jacket!:

River Island: SALE £15

I remember seeing this pop up on the website a few weeks ago and really wanting it! Couldnt believe it came on sale so quickly so I had to nab it! Am slightly disapointed I couldnt get an 8 (there were only 10s), only because the knot slightly sags at the front but I really do love it.

Anyone else get anything from the sales recently?!

Interview Outfit

Hi Everyone, so I'm happy to announce I have another interview :) (Will not tell you the company as im scared ill 'jinx it') I am so extremely nervous for this interview I cannot sleep! Im at that stage of preparation now where I just want to get it over and done with, and I feel like I know the company inside and out! I picked up this dress for the interview last week:
 Warehouse: £60

As I am rather short, it just comes above my knees and looks great with black tights and a grey blazer. I also picked up this shoes to replace some other interview shoes which I have worn to death! 
River Island: SALE £30

These shoes are great for work/interviews because they do have height, but are not ridiculously uncomfortable and look quite stylish on the feet! (And are real leather which is a massive bonus!) The heel is also really flattering!

Well wish me luck with this interview! Fingers crossed everyone:)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Product Review: Vita Liberata 'Unlimited Tan'

Vita Liberata 'Deep Silken Touch' - £22.50
Hi Guys! Having been an extreme fan of St Moriz for a long time now I have noticed its started to dry my skin out quite abit (even if I moisturise!). 
So I have decided to try this product out in hopes of using in summer:) 
The description: 
This tint-free underwear friendly formula goes on silky smooth and glistening, leaving your skin super soft nourished and beautifully bronzed. your tan will fade naturally, but dont worry you can pamper yourself and re apply. Excellent for dry skins.
(No Parabens, Perfumes or Alcohol)

What I think:
At first glance the packaging is simple and attractive and with a pump applicater it is easy to measure out pumps for each leg and arm etc. 
The smell on application is really nice, sort of like melon and only a slight hint of biscuit! However after a sleep the smell does get slightly stronger. 
It moisturised my skin very very well and with organic ingredients such as ylang ylang & ginkgo it really feels good for my skin:)
However the main issue I had with this product was the colour. Being abit fair skinned but easily tanned, the colour looked slightly unnatural and a teeny bit orange.....but this is totally personal and my friend used it and the colour was perfect for her!
 Overall I would recommend this product if you have the money to spend, as I feel it is worth the money with it being full of natural ingredients and a very good moisturiser:)
You can find this product in House of Fraser, Debenhams and Amazon.
Have you tried this out before? What do you think? 
I would love to hear your feedback:)


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Chanel Dupe!

Whilst happily browsing the New In section on the Topshop Website, I came across this AMAZING Chanel Dupe!
Hidden Treasure - Topshop £6

Peridot - Chanel

I really REALLY wanted this for Christmas but for some reason, I just forgot about it and was only reminded when I saw the dupe in Topshop. Peridot does look slightly more golden than Hidden Treasure, but I will hopefully be able to pick this up next time im in town, CANNOT WAIT

Mulberry Valentine

Mulberry are asking the best emerging music talents to cover a classic British Love song for Valentines day.

Click here to listen to the Mulberry Mix Tape Tour which was launched in September, bands include Summercamp, The Do and Big Deal.
Tracks include: Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here and The Rolling Stones' Love In Vain.
(Some of my personal favourites!:)

Friday, 27 January 2012

outfit tonightttt:)

Its my beautiful flatmates 21st birthday party tomororow night and we have rented out Cloud 23 in manchester for pre drinks:) Its quite a posh bar so I bought  new outfit for it!
Here is what i will be wearing!:

Dress : Aqua @Asos

I was abit worried my boobs wouldnt fit in the size 8 but it fits so perfectly and is more of an elegant length than most mini dresses so i love it :) yay!
I was really unsure what shoes to buy because i wanted to have quite a plain glamourous look so bought these cheap heels from Garage Shoes for £24.99 (decievingly high even for me!). 
Ill only wear them a couple of times so there was no point spending a lot of money!
Ill hopefully post some pictures with me wearing it soon!
Have a good weekend guys:) x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Wish Me Luck!!!

 Striped Dress: River Island £30

So here is my dress im going to wear to my River Island Marketing Interview! I was really unsure wether to try to look really professional, or dress true to myself and show my personality. So I chose this midi dress which fits perfectly (size 8 for me) without looking skin tight and 'tarty'.  Its smart and simple, but also looks really cool and because its a stretch cotton, doesnt look too conservative!
Im going to be making my way to London tomorrow, staying the night and heading over to the Head Office on thursday for the interview and assessment! Fingers Crossed!
Im going to pair it up with a simple belt, my New Look shoes, tights, a chunky necklace and either a heavy knit cardigan or smart blazer. What do you guys think?!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Hope everyone is feeling ok and not too rough! Saw alot of people this morning looking worse for wear (including my parents!) and felt so sorry for them! I managed to keep things steady last night so i dont feel too bad today, just sleeeepy:(

Overall, for me 2011 hasnt been very hopeful, Ive unfortunately had a very rough, complicated and exhausting year and I know that things arent going to look up immediately for me overnight, but im hoping in the long run 2012, I will get back on my feet and ill have some sort of luck as long as i work hard and stay positive. 

Ive come to realise (and dont think im a great philosopher or that im asking for sympathy), but that you really have to be selfish sometimes, and look after yourself, no matter how shit you feel. You cant rely on anyone else to make you feel better, Ive lost alot this year and have been through alot that someone my age, to be honest shouldnt have to go through so 2012 is really the year i will focus on myself and stick to my resolutions!

GOOD NEWS! I have an interview for a Marketing Placement for River Island in London:)
Im so determined to do well and get the place, which is a very very small chance haha! I have to do a presentation on 'how the company can use their marketing channels to increase their credibilities on the high street'...eek hah! I havent got long to prepare as its just over a week away! Fingers Crossed guys! Ill probably do a outfit post for my interview for you all:)

Speak soon:) x