Thursday, 8 March 2012

Product Review: Vita Liberata 'Unlimited Tan'

Vita Liberata 'Deep Silken Touch' - £22.50
Hi Guys! Having been an extreme fan of St Moriz for a long time now I have noticed its started to dry my skin out quite abit (even if I moisturise!). 
So I have decided to try this product out in hopes of using in summer:) 
The description: 
This tint-free underwear friendly formula goes on silky smooth and glistening, leaving your skin super soft nourished and beautifully bronzed. your tan will fade naturally, but dont worry you can pamper yourself and re apply. Excellent for dry skins.
(No Parabens, Perfumes or Alcohol)

What I think:
At first glance the packaging is simple and attractive and with a pump applicater it is easy to measure out pumps for each leg and arm etc. 
The smell on application is really nice, sort of like melon and only a slight hint of biscuit! However after a sleep the smell does get slightly stronger. 
It moisturised my skin very very well and with organic ingredients such as ylang ylang & ginkgo it really feels good for my skin:)
However the main issue I had with this product was the colour. Being abit fair skinned but easily tanned, the colour looked slightly unnatural and a teeny bit orange.....but this is totally personal and my friend used it and the colour was perfect for her!
 Overall I would recommend this product if you have the money to spend, as I feel it is worth the money with it being full of natural ingredients and a very good moisturiser:)
You can find this product in House of Fraser, Debenhams and Amazon.
Have you tried this out before? What do you think? 
I would love to hear your feedback:)


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