Saturday, 11 February 2012

Chanel Dupe!

Whilst happily browsing the New In section on the Topshop Website, I came across this AMAZING Chanel Dupe!
Hidden Treasure - Topshop £6

Peridot - Chanel

I really REALLY wanted this for Christmas but for some reason, I just forgot about it and was only reminded when I saw the dupe in Topshop. Peridot does look slightly more golden than Hidden Treasure, but I will hopefully be able to pick this up next time im in town, CANNOT WAIT

Mulberry Valentine

Mulberry are asking the best emerging music talents to cover a classic British Love song for Valentines day.

Click here to listen to the Mulberry Mix Tape Tour which was launched in September, bands include Summercamp, The Do and Big Deal.
Tracks include: Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here and The Rolling Stones' Love In Vain.
(Some of my personal favourites!:)