Sunday, 30 October 2011


(Its impossible for me not to wear lipstick these days!)
Rimmel Lasting Fix - Showbiz

Ive been really busy these past fews days with going out and doing uni work. Second year at uni has really stepped up, I actually have to concentrate haha! Im one of those people that has really good attendance and thats it, i do the easy tasks and leave courseworks to the very last minute!
Excited to go out for halloween tomoro night! hopefully having people over for drinks before, then heading out to the standard student places near me:)
Have  great halloween guys! x

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween practice:)

 Bride of Frankenstein?! ( i like to practice before the big day:)
Wish you could see all the detail in my makeup, spent quite a long time doing dramatic eyebrows and grey contouring on my face. My boyfriend is hopefully gonna be frankenstein (with my help:)) so we should be a matching couple this coming monday!
happy to answer any costume advice and hope you all have a good halloween!!!!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Nicki Minaj Nail Collection for OPI 2012

 Yay! Just heard about the new Nicki Minaj collab with OPI (not suprising really after how well her Mac lipstick sold!).
Sorry if your not a nail person but im so excited! They include:
'Superbass Shatter'
'Pink Friday
'Metal 4 Life'
'Did It On 'em'

I really like the lime coloured one and i LOVE OPI nail polish anyways so its win win:)
post soon

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Dont wait for your ship to come in, swim to it

pencil skirt heaven

I truly never thought i would suit a pencil, it just didnt seem like my style! I got obsessed with the maxi skirts all throughout summer and thought i would be the same in autumn but no! 
I first bought a really nice purple skirt from H&M around a month ago, which looks great with shirts, tshirts, and also looks great with a tube top for a night out. 
Here it is in this photo:

I wore it so much that i bought another from river island:)
I would RECOMMEND the river island skirts because their quality is really good and the length is perfect, they have lots of different colours too:)

River Island : Around £20

Topshop: Around £30
These have similar colours and interesting prints, but with the extra of maybe a belt or a leather waistband.
These would be a great statement piece for a casual day,  and the leather one is MINE:)
speak soon

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Any Requests?

Im new to blogging so if anyone wants me to post anything or tell them anything about myself then ask away! i wont bite:)

Vogue Italia October 2011

'Mechanical Dolls'
Tim Walker

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Perfect Oversized Blazer/Jacket

I will be LIVING in this jacket over autumn:) It was £24.99 from H&M (bargain!) and i cannot believe how much wear im getting out of it, it fits perfectly. It slots in so well with my wardrobe and goes with dresses, buttonned up shirts and looks really nice and casual in a simple tshirt! I also love the fact it has that 'teddy boy' aspect with the simple collar.
Here are some things i pair it up with:

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

bye bye pink hair

Ive been doing this every couple of weeks for a while now (excuse the fadedness it fades so quickly!), 
but its too jazzy for winter:(
What does everyone think? To keep? Or not to keep?


Recent Purchases 11/10

 Tshirt - Urban Outfitters
Blouse - Urban Outfitters
Earcuff - Topshop
Black Shirt - New Look

Channelling Cruella?

Hellllo:) Just thought id show you my new nail design I did last night! (excuse the messiness!)
Topshop has gone spot crazy! Their AW11 show was heavily influenced by the dalmation print with some of the print included in their store, have a look on their website and click on the 'Unique' range:) Id also recommend looking at the runway show, the models have little dog noses painted on them with their hair styled like dog ears, how cute:) 
Topshop do supply a dalmation print nail wrap, but i thought i would try it out myself simply with nail polish and i think it worked quite well:)
Should I buy these to match???:):)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

One of my most prized posessions

My boyfriend bought me this amber and silver ring last christmas, its perfect! I was so surprised to hear that he enjoyed picking this out for me, he kept repeating that it was '30 million' years old:) it seriously goes with every outfit and its got a gorgeous vintage feel about it!
speak soon

new accessories:)

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012

Marc Jacobs please dont move to Diorrrrr:)xxx

Friday, 7 October 2011

My Art

Since leaving school over a year ago where i was constantly drawing for my A levels, I have kind of missed this summer i have been trying to practice and get my drawing hand working again:)
I love illustrators like Jeanne Detallante, but cannot resist staring at paintings from Chuck Close and Lucian Freud (RIP).
I havent quite caught up to my own personal standard yet and am too scared to whip out the oil paints aswell! Wish me luck, i hope i can get back into it:)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

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Versace for H&M 2012

Seriously cannot wait for more sneak peaks of the Versace Collaboration thats due to hit stores in mid November, not only are they doing clothes and accessories....but they are doing home-ware too:):):) I might skip on the clothes and spend all my student loan on accessories for my new room in Manchester!!!
I absolutely love the styling of the campaign so far, and love the fact that the models look typically swedish and have a 'Donatella' look to them with the bleached blonde hair!

Leigh Lezark is also rumoured to be upon the next collaboration front with H&M. Their plans are to open a new 'shop in shop' in Selfridges (London), hopefully ill be in London at that point to have a nosey:) I love her style and really wish i had her colouring, and she manages to wear anything with such an effortless attitude!
Speak soon

Rainy Post

Dont laugh!!!! I had uni from 9-6 today:( and to top it all off, i got caught in the biggest rainstorm ever on the way home! My clothes are still drying on the radiator! I also had to take my glasses off because they got all steamy and covered in raindropsss.
Will post again tonight:)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Nice to meet you Alistair

Ugh:)  After all my debating, tossing and turning over the chelsea boots, i was in Topshop today and tried on every single pair, i went to Kurt Geiger, River Island etc and i came to the conclusion that my legs dont seem to like them. They fall wierdly on my ankle and make my legs look slightly stumpy:( So i settled for these lovely 'Alistair' pair for £60, leather in and out...BARGAIN
They are so comfortble and look so cool with my teddy boy(ish) jacket, and black trou. I have yet to try them with a skirt but i have high hopes for them! 
I also bought an ear chain(topshop), a black satin bow tie necklace(primark), a chunky knit burgundy snood(primark), and black and white stripy knit jumper(primark). 
I found that the shops seem to be really between seasons at the moment so its difficult to predict what ill be wearing in the next couple of months. Dont really wanna be wasting my money yet until i know for sure what ill be wanting to wear:)
Speak soon !

Monday, 3 October 2011

face to face!

Personalllllllly, i like to see who im reading about so this is a couple of pics of me:) Sorry about the shady webcam but my camera is low on battery! I have ridiculous eyesight so have to wear my glasses pretty much every day, ugh! But thanks to this lavely Paul Smith pair which i have had for a good 3 years, i dont have to look tooo hideous (hopefully!).

 See you tomorrow!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Viktor & Rolf Ready To Wear S/S 12

These are my favourite looks from the show, which was full of strong satins, ruffles and beautifully embellished shoes:) i especially like these looks because personally i feel i can translate them into summer looks:) i LOVE the shape of the collar on the left aswell!
I have always loved Viktor & Rolf ever since i saw the spring summer 10 show in which they took the 'couture crunch' route by literally cutting holes in their beautifully shaped tuille gowns. And the fall winter 11 show when they literally took layers of clothes off one model and dressed another on the catwalk, i would STRONGLY recommend you checking out the videos!
Had such a lazy day today! Just been doing lots of uni work on my laptop and catching up on some well needed sleep:D
speak soon!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

decisions, decisions


Since the cold months are fastly approaching, (you wouldnt know it from this weeks weather however!) im a little late on choosing a standard pair of boots to fight the rain and snow. What do you think? These two pairs are from Topshop, as you can tell im going for the mod/chelsea boot look which i can team up with tights, pleated skirts, skinny trou and thick maxi skirts. I LOVE the leopard print pair but they are like a goatskin feel and im scared the pattern will rub off (as they have done on a goatskin bag of mine!) so they may be abit useless in the rain:(  The tan ones are very nice but i havent seen them up close! Excited to see them in black!
Im having a shopping trip in Manchester on tuesday so will hopefully post some stuff i have bought! However, I must admit, I am a very tentative shopper with the budget I have but I am determined to treat myslef:)
Have a good weekend:)