Wednesday, 10 September 2014

NEW LOVE // Culottes into Autumn

I NEVER thought I would stray away from the beloved skinny jean, but over the past year or so I have been adorning some new fabrics on my pins....and frankly, I am loving the FREEDOM!

Obviously the boyfriend jean has returned in full force, along with the more tailoring trouser look, however I think my favorite is the (albeit wierd looking) culotte.....

Here is a few tips I've tried to help ease myself into the 'marmite' trend:

For a smart look, I love the combination of fabrics and colors with simple lines to create sophistication.

TIP: Start off with a monochrome palette and add a swap in a slightly different warmer tone so its not too colorful and OTT

You could go a bit more daring with a leather pair, teamed up with nude accessories and plain black T for a slightly warmer day. 

TIP: Add a big chunky knit on top for warmth (especially in the UK!)

Ankle boots look great with culottes for a simple Autumn day look teamed up with a boyfriend coat.

TIP: Try an ankle boot with a some comfortable height to elongate your legs and prevent 'stubbiness' 

For casual cool, pair them with slip on trainers. Perfect for a quick shopping trip!

TIP: I feel ANY trainer looks great! If you aren't a fan of the slip on look, try Adidas Originals or New Balances. But keep the palette simple as to not over-complicate the look.

Get the most wear out of your pair before the arctic winter of the UK kicks in!

So what do you guys think? Are you converted?! 
Let me know how you would wear your pair in the comments below:) remember to put your URL in so I can have a gander through your blog!

Until next time!

Emma xxxxxx

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

STYLE // September No.1

September No.1

Yes, maybe I am being a bit optimistic with the cold weather in this look... 
(seeing as the UK is having an odd September heatwave)
But I CANNOT WAIT for some layering and outerwear!


Monki white shirt
$52 -

Paul Smith Black Label wool coat
$760 -

Rag & bone black jeans
$345 -

Whistles leather shoes
$410 -

Zara black purse

Friday, 22 August 2014

STYLE // AW14 Inspiration

Can you believe how cold it is getting in AUGUST?!
Thus....I am already (as everyone should!) brainstorming some pieces I need for AW. Who knew this time last month I would be looking at scarf fabric and knitted cardigan ideas....HELP!
Of course, my best friend through this process.....has been Pinterest....follow me! emma2516

Needless to say....I wont be purchasing much colour in the coming months!


UNI // Dissertation Death

"Connecting with Millenials on
Social Media Platforms:Luxury vs Value "

As a recent graduate, it is surprising to hear I still have nightmares concerning my dreaded Dissertation....sad right? The thought of having to right anymore on social media, millennials, luxury, value... UGH gave me the shivers and I honestly steered away from Instagram for a good couple of days after (okay my restraint seems feeble now!).
However, I really did learn A LOT from it and found some promising results. 
From my research, the new 'Millenial' generation purchase from both luxury and value brands simultaneously, adding luxury accessories to a more inexpensive outfit.
As Facebook is statistically the most visiting social media platform on the planet, you would think brands use it the most right? WRONG? Luxury brands steer away from the site and focus more on Instagram and Twitter, whilst value brands utilize Facebook the most. With Millenial's stating they dont like using Facebook and are not inspired by brands on the site, the value market seem to be missing out on this completely!

I wont bore you with anymore statistics....but I felt the results were quite shocking and thinking back on it now, I really learnt a lot from analyzing different platforms in contrasting markets.

Needless to say....the handing in day was HEAVEN

So if anyone requires help for theirs next year....hit me up! I am more than welcome to give any advice

Speak soon! HAPPY FRIDAY!


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Kate Bosworth for Topshop 24/10/13

Aptly named 'The Collection; Starring Kate Bosworth', this capsule wardrobe is said to be
Me personally....I CANNOT WAIT to see what comes through into the high street store
(hopefully available to me in Manchester!)
I'm imagining a really clean silhouette, boyish cuts in ethereal pale tones, and stark black with lots of texture. Lets hope the price tag isn't too racy as well!



Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sunny Manchester

Neon 100% Cashmere Scarf: H&M Trend
Summer is officially over ... CRYYYYYYY
I usually quite love autumn, but Manchester always challenges you with the worst gail force winds and torrential rains in the country!!! Also, having had a year in London, which is always a few degrees warmer all year round has meant my body is not used to this FReezing climate!
My wardrobe is also suffering as I climatise back to the north, so get ready to see lots of layering in my OOTD and wrapping myself in a scarf non-stop!
I apologise for the 'randomness' of this post at the moment I am doing ANYTHING to distract myself from University Work.............
Speak Soon
My new favourite album this month
Drake : Nothing Was The Same