Friday, 22 August 2014

UNI // Dissertation Death

"Connecting with Millenials on
Social Media Platforms:Luxury vs Value "

As a recent graduate, it is surprising to hear I still have nightmares concerning my dreaded Dissertation....sad right? The thought of having to right anymore on social media, millennials, luxury, value... UGH gave me the shivers and I honestly steered away from Instagram for a good couple of days after (okay my restraint seems feeble now!).
However, I really did learn A LOT from it and found some promising results. 
From my research, the new 'Millenial' generation purchase from both luxury and value brands simultaneously, adding luxury accessories to a more inexpensive outfit.
As Facebook is statistically the most visiting social media platform on the planet, you would think brands use it the most right? WRONG? Luxury brands steer away from the site and focus more on Instagram and Twitter, whilst value brands utilize Facebook the most. With Millenial's stating they dont like using Facebook and are not inspired by brands on the site, the value market seem to be missing out on this completely!

I wont bore you with anymore statistics....but I felt the results were quite shocking and thinking back on it now, I really learnt a lot from analyzing different platforms in contrasting markets.

Needless to say....the handing in day was HEAVEN

So if anyone requires help for theirs next year....hit me up! I am more than welcome to give any advice

Speak soon! HAPPY FRIDAY!


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