Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sunny Manchester

Neon 100% Cashmere Scarf: H&M Trend
Summer is officially over ... CRYYYYYYY
I usually quite love autumn, but Manchester always challenges you with the worst gail force winds and torrential rains in the country!!! Also, having had a year in London, which is always a few degrees warmer all year round has meant my body is not used to this FReezing climate!
My wardrobe is also suffering as I climatise back to the north, so get ready to see lots of layering in my OOTD and wrapping myself in a scarf non-stop!
I apologise for the 'randomness' of this post at the moment I am doing ANYTHING to distract myself from University Work.............
Speak Soon
My new favourite album this month
Drake : Nothing Was The Same

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