Friday, 27 January 2012

outfit tonightttt:)

Its my beautiful flatmates 21st birthday party tomororow night and we have rented out Cloud 23 in manchester for pre drinks:) Its quite a posh bar so I bought  new outfit for it!
Here is what i will be wearing!:

Dress : Aqua @Asos

I was abit worried my boobs wouldnt fit in the size 8 but it fits so perfectly and is more of an elegant length than most mini dresses so i love it :) yay!
I was really unsure what shoes to buy because i wanted to have quite a plain glamourous look so bought these cheap heels from Garage Shoes for £24.99 (decievingly high even for me!). 
Ill only wear them a couple of times so there was no point spending a lot of money!
Ill hopefully post some pictures with me wearing it soon!
Have a good weekend guys:) x

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