Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Hope everyone is feeling ok and not too rough! Saw alot of people this morning looking worse for wear (including my parents!) and felt so sorry for them! I managed to keep things steady last night so i dont feel too bad today, just sleeeepy:(

Overall, for me 2011 hasnt been very hopeful, Ive unfortunately had a very rough, complicated and exhausting year and I know that things arent going to look up immediately for me overnight, but im hoping in the long run 2012, I will get back on my feet and ill have some sort of luck as long as i work hard and stay positive. 

Ive come to realise (and dont think im a great philosopher or that im asking for sympathy), but that you really have to be selfish sometimes, and look after yourself, no matter how shit you feel. You cant rely on anyone else to make you feel better, Ive lost alot this year and have been through alot that someone my age, to be honest shouldnt have to go through so 2012 is really the year i will focus on myself and stick to my resolutions!

GOOD NEWS! I have an interview for a Marketing Placement for River Island in London:)
Im so determined to do well and get the place, which is a very very small chance haha! I have to do a presentation on 'how the company can use their marketing channels to increase their credibilities on the high street'...eek hah! I havent got long to prepare as its just over a week away! Fingers Crossed guys! Ill probably do a outfit post for my interview for you all:)

Speak soon:) x

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